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Son of NBA luminary Al Attles, Alvin Attles, III is a dynamic author that has been categorized as the ultimate wordsmith.  He is an accomplished author, songwriter, and poet. A USF graduate, Attles has penned hundreds of songs and poems and completed several screenplays. Attles' love of poetry gives his writing an elegance and artistic feel that eludes most seasoned authors. His work has been picked up by varied media outlets. Attles authored a regional jingle for the California Lottery, he has written articles that have been distributed by the San Francisco Media Group. Additionally, Attles wrote, produced, and directed So Fresh, So Clean, a feature film that was distributed by Warner Brothers-Lightyear. His award-winning short film, Stop, screened at the prestigious Oakland Film Festival, as well as several others. Attles also created a collection of artistic poems, which he dubbed Poemography.  The Collection was featured at the 9th Annual Groove Design, as well as the prestigious Joyce Gordon Gallery, and received rave reviews. His novel, 10 Feet Deep, which is set for a winter release, was edited by the renowned Alan Brown.  Attles is a family man that enjoys basketball, travel, and all genres of music.

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If you would like more information about a screening of STOP or to purchase Ten Feet Deep please email us.

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