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Son of NBA luminary Al Attles, Alvin Attles, III is a dynamic author that has been categorized as the ultimate wordsmith. 

He is an accomplished author, songwriter, and poet. Attles has penned hundreds of songs and poems and completed several screenplays. Ten Feet Deep, his first novel is poised for a summer release. Attles' love of poetry gives his writing an elegance and artistic feel that eludes most seasoned authors. Eager to test his film chops Attles wrote, produced, and directed, So Fresh, So Clean, a feature film that was distributed by Warner Brothers-Lightyear. 

Years later he reconnected with friend and fellow Filmmaker Henry J Kim. The two decided to join forces and subsequently created Stop, an award-winning short film, Stop, which was screened at the prestigious Oakland Film Festival, as well as several others. They most recently completed The Believers, a forty-year journey on the Golden State Warriors, and are poised for big things.

Kim is an extremely talented filmmaker and has produced countless commercials for clients such as Samsung, Kia Motors, Samsung, Apple, Google, and Sony Entertainment. Kim writes from his heart and uses his Korean American background to push his narrative into much-needed social commentary.

Humble Hendricks is a Houston-based writer, that Attles nicknamed The Mastermind, due to Hendrick's ability to coax the most out of a story, and the deft precision in which he handles character development and story crafting. His handiwork will be seen when The Town and Heaven’s Home is released. Hendricks serves as the perfect yin to Attles lyrical yang.

Roman Medjanov brings a plethora of skills to the Team. Medjanov is a dual-threat behind the lens of a camera and is as adept at producing as he is directing. Medjanov has a varied background in documentaries and television ads.

DJ Just Jay heads up the musical ventures for Town Media. Just Jay hails from Brooklyn, New York and brings an undeniable east coast vibe to his tracks. But his penchant for digging-in-the-crates and keen ear makes him one of the premier beat produces for any genre. But this DJ is also a triple threat, enjoyed a successful run producing a radio show, and Jay has also become a self-taught videographer.

As Town Media prepares to introduce itself to the world, Attles tapped friend Keith Powell, as a partner. Powell has decades in high-level finance and oversees the fiscal movement of the fast-growing company.

Johnna Grell brings years of leadership experience to the table, Not only does Grell solicit new opportunities, but she brings structure to each, and every project Town Media creates (collaborates).

Town Media is a media company that has given a voice to those without voices….that has created projects from the soul….and soon, their projects will become the soundtracks to our lives.

We have also partnered with California's leading non-profit 

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Keith Powell



Johnna Grell


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Henry J Kim


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Humble Hendricks


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Roman Medjanov



Just Jay


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