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Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Sunrise; October 5th, 1921

Sunset; October 28th, 2020

I got up early this morning and went to walk my normal four miles. On the way I pulled over and had a great cry.

I cried because ever since I can remember my grandmother has been a major part in my life. Loving me, Taking care of me, making me laugh, keeping the family together.

It was last Thursday night that my grandmother transitioned. Just that morning she had grabbed my hair as she often does and asked me when I was gonna cut it. I jokingly asked her when she was gonna cut hers and we shared a laugh.

The last thing she said to me was, "You're my big grandson Ahhhhhvin."

Later on when my mother called me up stairs we knew that she was no longer for this earthly world. At the time I couldn't cry nor could I even feel sad because 99 years is a true blessing And I understand that I was simply being selfish by hoping that she had more time.

I couldn't really address her absence until right now. I didn't feel up to it.

Normally I can write some beautiful words that eloquently capture my emotions but today I cannot.

I just miss my grandma.

I am so happy as she blessed all of our lives.

For those of you that still have your grandmother's make sure you cherish them. For those of you who loved my grandmother as I did I hope you enjoy a couple of these videos. Although she is no longer here to yank at my hair and make us laugh her presence remains.

Let me go ahead and take my walk...



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