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A close-knit family is forced to examine their very nature, as life’s challenges come to their middle-class home to roost. The story begins with a recurring nightmare that awakens Jules Simmons (the 4th child out of 5). Jules is a troubled young man. As in the case with a lot of “middle children,” he doesn’t boast a family identity. His older sister, Charlene, by virtue of being the sole girl, is the matriarch-in-waiting. Dexter, the eldest brother, is an escapable presence. A former athlete and successful businessman, DT, casts a huge shadow over Jules's accomplishments, or lack thereof. Mario, the next brother is a little slick, but good-natured and “down for his fam-bam.” So that leaves Joey, who although he is the youngest, represents the biggest reason that Jules continues to “dream” that his place in life is buried underwater 10 Feet Deep. Jules is handsome, intelligent and most significantly, he potentially might be the best high school prospect since LeBron James. There is talk of Joey going straight from high school to the pros. The talk consumes the family. Captivates a community. The same talk Frustrates and torments Jules. Joey’s success is a constant reminder of how insignificant Jules’ life is. Ten Feet Deep is about family. Ten Feet Deep is about guilt and the absolution of guilt. Ten Feet Deep is about unity. Ten Feet Deep is the tale of jealousy and what happens as envy and resentment rip at the very fabric of the family.  As Jules watches his youngest brother be coddled and protected, he grows further away from Joey. It’s, in his mind, as if “everybody wants him to succeed and could give a Goddamn about me.” Although the sentiment is natural for most, it is a slap in the face to Jules, who can’t hold a steady job, nor a stable relationship. Instead, he invests most of his time into seducing as many women as he can in some twisted form of self-satisfaction and self-gratification. His isolation and determination to disrobe and conquer, leave Jules’s careening on a path towards self-destruction. But to whom can he now turn? Ten Feet Deep is the story of love, a story of redemption. Any one of us has faced hopelessness and despair. Our reaction to life’s turmoil is what binds us and ultimately what bonds us.

Going Hard In The Paint

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